Back On Track: Resetting Ourselves After Some Holiday Fun

Back On Track: Resetting Ourselves After Some Holiday Fun

The Festive Season is upon us and no doubt you should take the opportunity to enjoy the holiday period and relish every moment! Whether it be eating out, perhaps a little overindulgence at Christmas, socialising, staying up late, hitting the snooze button, or simply slowing down a bit. Relax and don't be too hard on yourself during this time, it is time for quality connection rather than strict eating habits.

Resetting after this time of year doesn't have a one-size-fits-all definition and it's crucial to frame it as a positive choice rather than a punishment for holiday indulgences. The festive season is meant to be guilt-free and enjoyable, but we should also look to align with our core values and goals throughout this time for the greater part.

As we move into a new year it's time to reassess our goals, carrying forward the best elements that serve us and leaving behind what no longer does. A positive outlook and clear personal goals are a strong base to focus on coming into the new year.

Setting goals is essential for success, but we need to ensure they are realistic and achievable. According to statistics, 80% of people forget their New Year's resolutions by February, often due to overly ambitious and unrealistic goals.

To kickstart the process, here's a checklist for a reset and refocus:

  1. Clear your mind: Disconnect from social media and minimise external influences.
  2. Change of scenery: Immerse yourself in nature for a fresh perspective.
  3. Connect with loved ones: Discuss dreams, ideas, and goals with friends and family.
  4. Get active: Physical activity boosts both body and mind.
  5. Self-reflection: Learn from past achievements and failures to create a plan for success.
Remember you can commence your forward journey again at anytime. Perhaps you've woken up with a burst of readiness or on the other hand overindulged and are feeling quite sluggish, either way today is the day to turn it around.

Setting Goals:

  1. Sleep: Ensure you've caught up on sleep for 7-9 hours, crucial for overall well-being and healthy habits.

  2. Drinking: Opt for water over alcohol and sugary drinks. Aim for at least 2 litres of water a day.

  3. Endorphins: Combat post-indulgence blues with an hour of cardio or any activity that gets you sweating.

  4. Eat Well: Embrace healthy, wholesome foods that work for you, ensuring sustainability and increased energy.

  5. Create SMART goals: Identify goals that aren't too whimsical which you can stick to.

As we embark on this journey into another year, let's view it not as a daunting task but as an opportunity for growth and positive change. The festive season may have left us with fond memories and a few extra indulgences, but there comes a time to refocus, set realistic goals, and embrace our healthy lifestyle. Whether it's catching up on sleep, staying hydrated, engaging in invigorating workouts, or nourishing our bodies with wholesome foods, these steps pave the way for a revitalised self. Remember, the path to success lies in a balanced and sustainable approach. Here's to a year filled with achievements, well-being, and the pursuit of our best selves.

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